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Friday, January 10, 2014

Revisiting my first recipe

It has been three years since we started this blog. We've been generally consistent about posting "one new recipe a week" (and not fretting about it when we don't). Yesterday, in honor of my first "recipe" I re-made the Classic Italian Soup in Reverse. I had to make some substitutions as I am also still working on my "what's in my refrigerator?" project. So, this time, I cut up a roll that was left over from the office holiday party in lieu of the sourdough bread, and used red wine instead of white, as we did have some red cooking wine in the 'fridge, but no white wine to be had anywhere. Once again, I used tomatoes that I had frozen over the summer, rather than canned, and this time I used some garlic salt, and added the half onion I found in the refrigerator. I also used water and a teaspoon of "Better than Bouillon" instead of chicken stock. It was a good soup. I do recall liking it better when made with white wine, though.

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