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Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Splendid Table

The Splendid Table is a program from American Public Media that airs on Saturday evenings on WBUR in Boston, our regular NPR station. The timing is such that we do not catch it very often, but oddly enough it was while shopping for this blog project that I happened to hear it this evening. I was on my way to Fresh Catch in Mansfield when I heard several segments of this week's program.

I learned, for example, why the sense of smell is most closely associated with emotional memories, and the difference between flavor and taste. I also learned what Thai cooking has in common with the early American ideas of health involving the "humors" of hot, cold, wet, and dry. I was most excited, however, to hear the geographic segment known as "Where We Eat," in which Jane and Michael Stern discuss independent restaurants they visit throughout the United States (and sometimes Mexico). Today their report was on a "hole-in-the-wall" place known as the Tucson Tamale Company. From vegan to sirloin, this place seems to have it all. We have not been in Tucson for quite a few years, and few of our friends are there any more, but when we return, this place is on my list. (I am just coming into my own as a tamale preparer, and also have been learning a bit about the Central American equivalent: nacatamales (made with banana leaves). From the on-air description, I am sure I could gain an education from the Tucson shop.

For this pair of foodie-geographers, the "Where We Eat" archive looks like a gold mine: organized by state, it has scores of reviews, with a map to each location!

Final note: last week the guests included Tom Owen of Sweet Maria's with a discussion of home coffee roasting. I look forward to hearing that one.

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