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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Apple-Gruyère French Toast With Red Onion

I found this recipe last month in the New York Times during Hanukkah. I printed it out, but never got around to preparing it, until last night. The name of the dish says it all. This was tangy, sweet, and tart. James and I both liked it. I knew better than to serve it to Paloma. She just had plain old boring french toast. I did insist that she eat some apple though.

I did not follow the recipe exactly as presented. I did not use challah bread, nor did I cut pockets into it, instead I made "french toast sandwhiches" with regular wheat bread. I can see how thick slices with pockets would be less messy though. Perhaps next time I will follow this method. I already had white onions at home, but not red ones, so I used what we had. I did not add salt and pepper to the egg mixture, nor top the toast with a fried egg. We ate ours with a bit of powdered sugar. Tasty.

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  1. This was a yummy addition to our growing list of French-toast variations.