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Friday, January 7, 2011

First Recipe - Classic Italian Soup in Reverse

James and I subscribe to the Brockton Enterprise, which isn't a very good newspaper, but it is how we get our local news, Dear Abby, and some pretty good recipes. Every Wednesday is "Good Taste" day which features recipes and food related articles. I was looking to make a pretty simple recipe this week since James is away and I wasn't counting on Paloma, our daughter, to share it with me, since she doesn't want to try many new things, so I was happy to see this recipe  for pan-fried sourdough bread and tomato soup published on Wednesday. It only took 20 minutes to make, and since Paloma was sleeping at a friend's house I didn't have to worry about preparing something different for her (she generally eschews anything with tomatoes). The "reverse" referral is in regard to putting the bread in first, rather than last. The bread is essentially sauteed before any other ingredients are added. The fresh bread soaked up the olive oil and white wine in short order, which I think may have accounted for the exquisite flavor of this dish.

I made the following changes to the recipe:
1. Instead of canned tomatoes I used locally-grown tomaotes that I had frozen over the summer
2. I never use garlic power when real garlic will do
3. I used vegetable broth instead of chicken broth

This soup had many flavors and many textures, and was so easy to make. I wish James had been here to share it with me. He would have liked it.

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