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Friday, January 7, 2011

Eat, Pray, Love - the movie

I read Elizabeth Gilbert's book during my Year of Reading "Year of" Books. I had been looking forward to the movie, and finally got to see it last night. One of the things Gilbert learns on her pilgrimage to Italy, India and Bali is the joy of eating. She stops worrying about the weight she is gaining from eating so much pasta and simply buys new jeans. At the ashram her new friend Richard dubs her "Groceries" for all the food she enjoys. She does not let this bother her, rather she embraces the name. Another important lesson she learns is "bel far niente" (the beauty of doing nothing) - a concept American's really have a hard time with.

Although I liked the book better, I did enjoy movie, and that Javier Bardem sure isn't hard to look at.

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