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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Chicken Catch-all Tore

Over the weekend I picked up some mushrooms for possible inclusion in a salad we were bringing to church. Since the theme of that salad was berries, the mushrooms were not used. I considered a breakfast-for-dinner omelet each evening, but since we have adopted a one-egg-a-day breakfast habit (which I highly recommend), this never seemed quite right.

So at some point during the week, I settled on chicken cacciatore as the best way to use some mushrooms. Unfortunately, the only way I have ever "made" this dish has been to make a drive to our local boate, Crispi's by the train tracks. I had not ever really thought about how to put this meal together, so I turned to our trustiest of pasta volumes. Surprisingly, it does not cover this, which I assumed to be rather standard fare.

Thus it was I turned to Google, which soon landed me at a fine and simple recipe on As I looked at it, I realized we had just about everything it called for, including some leftover bell peppers and more. Not being at all fussy about proportions, I just used what I had on hand of each ingredient. Since I was using boneless chicken breasts, I did not simmer for nearly as long as the recipe suggest.

The result was an absolutely delicious and simple meal, sure to be repeated.

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