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Monday, June 13, 2011


This documentary on nutrition featured quite a lot of anecdotes about people who were cured of diseases, from cancer to depression, by taking the right vitamins and eating the right foods. While I believe some of what I heard in the film (e.g. doctors get very little education in nutrition, or that pharmeceutical companies are driving the health care industry, and that most Americans don't eat well) most of this I took with a grain of salt (actually, more like a pillar). There were plenty of stories by alternative health care practicioners about patients they'd cured, but we never saw any testimonials from those who had been cured. And while I am aware that cooking foods removes some of the nutrients, is it really true that cooking them makes them "toxic"? The clincher was at the end of the credits when a very long disclaimer flew by, the gist of which, from the glimpse I got of it, was that the filmmakers were not responsible if any of the viewers decided not to seek medical treatment based on what they saw in the movie. This, ironically, gave the feel of watching an ad for a prescription medication.

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