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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mushrooms and Greens Gratin

This recipe, from the New York Times, was listed under the heading "Vegetable Casseroles for Frigid Nights." With temperatures here in New England down into the teens and single digits of late, it seemed like we were officially in the "frigid" category, so I tried this recipe using a mix of local, organic greens that I had frozen over the summer, and substituting Monterrey Jack cheese for Gruy√®re, since we were out of the latter. I realized after I put it in the oven that I had neglected the step of adding milk and eggs. The recipe says this is okay, but I think I would have preferred to include them. If only I'd gotten to the second page of the printed directions! It was a good use of the many frozen greens we had, and James really likes things that have a crusty cheese topping. Paloma tried it, but mostly just ate the cheese part. She did accidentally get some greens though. She pronounced them to be "too chewy". I have to concur with that. Next summer when I put greens in the freezer I will be more careful to remove all of the stem.

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