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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Adventures of Food Boy - the movie

Begin with the basic premise found in the classic '80s movie Teen Wolf , throw in a couple of Animal House allusions, add peanut butter, pastrami, and mix well. The result?

The Adventures of Food Boy

Although not entirely orginal, this film about a lad who discovers that he has the ability to conjure up food from his hands, does have some rather funny moments, and a few surprises. Lucas Gabreel, plays Ezra (a.k.a. Food Boy) who is baffled by the lunch meat that flys from his hands during his bid to become Junior class president. He learns from his grandmother that he has inherited a "gift" and he must not only learn to control it, but to use it for good - not evil. Ezra, who thought his grandmother was just an old lady sitting around waiting to die, is chagrined to find himself under her tutelage. As well he should be! He also discovers there is more to life than getting into the Ivy League. Even my teenage daughter admitted to liking this one.

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  1. The spontaneous generation of lunch meats will haunt me.