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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Anything containing olives should be labeled!

Yesterday one of my colleagues presented on eating habits of college students who work in the fast food industry. The lecture was enlightening, and lunch was served. I suppose, in keeping with the theme, the food was not the usual corporate sandwiches and overly sweet cookies we generally receive on campus. Instead we munched on "autumn pear" salad with baby spinach and almonds; minestrone soup; and roasted vegetable club sandwiches with cheese. The dessert choices were custard cake or Valentine-themed cupcakes. I tried the soup, salad and cupcake. Additionally, warm rolls were available, again, a deviation from the usual room temperature hard rolls we expect. Two types of rolls were offered: bread sticks, and rolls with something that looked like currants or raisins baked in. I wondered aloud to one of the other attendees what it could be. Going on the theory that it was probably currants, I took one. Alas, one bite later I had to throw the darn thing away. I really hate olives!

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