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Monday, November 11, 2013


We have a few turnips from the final CSA farm box pick up, so I checked to see if there were any recipes that called for turnips and leftover rice. The pickings were slim, and there was no recipe for which I had all ingredients, so I adapted one that I seemed do-able with what I had on hand. I started by sauteeing a small onion and then adding one chopped turnip, and three rather small chopped potatoes. I added a cup of water and waited until it started boiling. I let it all boil for about 1/2 hour until the turnips and potatoes were soft. When they were cooked, I drained the water and then put everything back in the sauce pan along with some black truffle infused olive oil, and the leftover rice, garlic salt, pepper, and cumin, and cooked until everything was heated through. This was served as a side dish with some cod James picked up and cooked with some lemon and herbs. I found that I liked the rice dish best when I mixed it together with the fish. All the food was white in color, so although it looked a bit bland, there were a lot of flavors in this.

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