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Monday, April 9, 2012

Pasta with asparagus, lemon, and herbs

Last Tuesday James posted Class of Ambition in which he recounts having his students over to our house to cook and dine with us. I noticed we still had aspargus in the refrigerator, leftover from this lofty endeavor, and set out to find a recipe to use them up before they spoiled. Once again Deborah Madison to the rescue! Not only did this recipe call for asparagus, also listed among the ingredients were scallions, another vegetable that was waiting to be used in our refrigerator. This dish was a bit complicated. There were a lot of ingredients and I needed to do a bit of chopping, sautéeing and boiling. Scallions, lemon zest, and herbs (including dried thyme, and sage) were sautéed in butter and olive oil. Meanwhile, the asparagus was cut and placed in boiling water for three minutes. Then the asparagus was added to the skillet with the scallions, etc. and the spaghetti was put into the same water the asparagus came from. Chopped walnuts, along with fresh parsley and chives (from my yard!) were added to the skillet while the pasta cooked. Once the pasta was ready, it too, went into the skillet. I did not drain the pasta thoroughly as the recipe said to "add it to the pan with some of the water clinging to the strands." All was mixed together, divided onto plates and topped with parmesan cheese. This was very tasty, and the nuts added a good texture as well as some extra protien.

To completely complicate things, I also prepared fettuccini alfredo while I was making this. My daughter was unwilling to try this one.

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