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Friday, April 6, 2012

Know Your Breakfast

Today started off with a cup that was hardly local, but whose producer is well known to us and many of our friends. I have visited the biodynamic farm of Byron Corrales several times, including this January. When I purchased his Maracaturra coffee for yesterday's coffee tasting on campus, I got some extra for home -- a perfect way to start the day.

Not just some hens --
THESE hens!
When it was time for breakfast, I toasted some apple bread I purchased yesterday, directly from the proprietress of Great Cape Baking in nearby Plymouth. She had been one of about twenty vendors on the Just Trade side of our event.

Then I cracked some eggs from Hanson Farm, a couple miles from our house. Every egg we purchase there helps to conserve open space in our town, as this hard-working family has chosen to farm rather than to sell out their land. The farm also hosts the town's interfaith Easter sunrise service, so my band will be singing there bright and early on Sunday morning.

I started an omelet -- cooked in butter from the Cabot cooperative in Vermont, and shredded some cheese from the same group of family farms that conserve rural open space to our north. I did so in an indispensable cast-iron skillet from Vermont Country Store, which also does a lot to protect the rural landscape which we occasionally visit to enjoy and study. I did not get the timing on the omelet quite right, so ended up doing exactly what our nephew does in this breakfast video, only with better ingredients and a better pan.

At our house, eggs that do not come from the hens at Hanson usually come from our friend Lori -- well, her hens. Lest we sound too pious, not ever meal or every morning turns out to be this idyllic; and it is a perfect opportunity to poke a little fun at our own earnestness, courtesy of Portlandia. Two different friends mentioned this scene to us recently, purely a random coincidence, I'm sure:

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  1. Amazing clip! So funny.
    About the open space, I have been trying to find a way to purchase the acre next to me (it is currently owned by my aunt who wishes to sell it at house lot price) to expand the space for our goats and poultry. We're also desperate to preserve and additional 7 acres of agricultural land across the street from us that is owned currently by my father and aunt. He wants it to remain agricultural and it will be up to my sister and I to continue with the tradition and make that happen. It's never easy but is all worth it in the end to those who care about our food and how it is raised. Thank you for caring about this and spreading the word, James.