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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Taste of Summer - Pasta Fresca

I really didn't like tomatoes at all until I was in my mid 20s. I couldn't stand anything about them - they were too acidic, and the texture made me squeamish. But somewhere along the way I started eating them, and liking them. I have now come to a point that I have a favorite variety: the pineapple tomato. Big, juicy, colorful, and sometimes hard-to-find, I scored some at the Bridgewater Farmer's Market. I selected the biggest one, and used it to make an old favorite - Pasta Fresca from Katzen's Moosewood Restaurant Cooks at Home. The tomato went into the blender along with 6 basil leaves, a clove of garlic and a tablespoon of olive oil. All of this mixed within a matter of seconds, and was poured over 2 cups of cooked penne pasta. Additonal tomatoes were cut up and added to the pasta. This tastes so good it is seems hardly fair that it is so easy to make.

This is clearly not a "nueva receta" for me, but I could hardly have the summer go by without giving it its proper due. I think anyone who does not eat this at least once during the height of the tomato/basil season should be punished.

Pineapple tomato
Post Script - I completely forgot to mention the mozzarella  cheese! 1/2 pound cut into cubes goes into this dish as well! phb 08/22/11


  1. Hey James (or Pam, is this blog by both of you ?) : )

    Have you tried freezing this sauce?


  2. Never tried freezing it. I don't see why it wouldn't work though. Maybe I will try it.