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Sunday, August 14, 2011


Guest blogger Paloma Bohanan

The other day I walked into the room and said "I want pretzels for dinner." My dad said no. So I told him that pretzels are no less of a meal than a slice of cheese, a basil leaf and a tomato. He still told me no. My mum walked in and said "What's going on?" to which my father replied, "The girl wants pretzels for dinner." My mum, totally oblivious to what had just happened told us that "We can have pretzels for dinner and you and I can also have a Caprisi Salad." That was lovely. Anyways, that's exactly what we did. I made pretzels from an old children's cookbook called Honest Pretzels by Mollie Katzen. I served them with a variety of condiments: Lay's Ranch Dip, Grey Poupon, bread and butter pickles, and caramelized onions. I didn't use any of the condiments besides the mustard, but apparently the caramelized onions weren't bad. They took about an hour to cook over stove top, and were seasoned with lemon juice, Cajun spice, brown sugar, and roasted ground ginger. You can buy the cookbook on here:

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