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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rotary Club Pancake Breakfast-Go for the chicken pie!

When I worked at the McAllen (Texas) public library in the mid 1990s we were working on indexing articles from the local paper, The Monitor. Using a simple database software we created entries for local stories, skipping the AP and wire stuff, which would  be included in other national and commercial indexes. Some of the stories were more newsworthy than others of course; nevertheless, entries were made for all local stories. I began referring to the "feel good" stories, that seemed to exist only so a person could see their name in print as the "chicken pie" stories.

Here in small town New England I find there is plenty of chicken pie to go around. Whenever we go to a local fundraiser, town clean up or other local event we say we are going for the chicken pie. I have become a lot less cynical about having my chicken pie, and this morning we attended the annual Rotary Club pancake breakfast. Here we can talk to neighbors we don't often see, hobnob with local business owners, and have some fabulous homemade sausage, from the last working farm in Bridgewater, Hansen Farm. We enjoyed being in the company of our community as much as we liked eating the blueberry pancakes. For $20 the whole family had breakfast and we got 7 raffle tickets. We'll keep our fingers crossed in hopes of winning the wine and liquor gift basket!

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