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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Not exactly "nueva" but worth mentioning nonetheless

James turned 48 on Tuesday, which means his birthday was on Wednesday (to find out more about that please see my Attainment Day page). To celebrate this auspicious occasion we made one of the most romantic dinners ever invented - Quail in Rose Petal Sauce. This recipe was made famous by Laura Esquivel in one of my favorite books: Like Water for Chocolate, and movie by the same name. Anyone who has seen the movie will not forget watching the lovely, naked, Gertrudis riding away on horseback with a revolutionary after eating the dish that her sister Tita prepared to inspire the passion of her unrequited love, Pedro. We have made this recipe before, although we have never actually used quail, but chicken instead. There are many flavors, and textures, and a special sweetness that comes from the honey. It is really not that hard to make, although be sure you have a clean kitchen to start, this will generate a lot of dishes.

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