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Monday, October 3, 2016

Spaghetti with White Wine Clam Sauce

I declare that this Baby Boomer has officially entered the 21st century. This photo taken of page 165 of the 365 Ways to Cook Pasta cookbook (this may well be the first cookbook we bought after we were married) was not only used to share on this blog, but also was sent to James via Messenger so that I could first get his opinion on whether he would like to try it, and also so that we would have a shopping list. 

Our first stop, of course, was Kyler's Catch for the clams. This would be our first foray into preparing clams ourselves, although as New Englander's we've enjoyed them many times before. It has been almost six years since I started this "nueva receta" project, and one thing I can reflect on now is that I have become fearless about trying new foods, cooking techniques, and flavors.

The knowledgeable young woman at Kyler's counter suggested two pounds of clams for two people, and provided us with some tips for soaking and steaming them as well. Next we stopped at the grocery store for the linguine, and parsley. We had everything else we needed at the house.

I followed the recipe mostly as written, except I only used half a pound of pasta since there was only two of us. The clams were super simple to steam, and it was very clear when they had "popped".  It turns out that two pounds of clams is really a lot. we only used about half of what I steamed to top the pasta. And, as is obvious from the picture below it completely covered the pasta. The dish was tasty, but we still had plenty of clams left over. Stay tuned for James' post for homemade clam chowder!

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