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Friday, January 1, 2016

New York Maple Walnut Cheesecake

Christmas dinner with friends

We always spend Christmas with friends. This year we had our traditional lobster dinner on Christmas eve, and then traditional vegetarian lasagna on Christmas day. Our thanks to those who prepared the delicious meals! Our contribution was dessert. We prepared this delicious recipe to wrap up the Christmas eve dinner, with the leftovers to share again on Christmas day. 

The recipe calls for an electric mixer to beat the cream cheese "until fluffy". However, you do not need an electric mixer if you have a husband with Popeye-the-Sailorman-like biceps.  We otherwise followed the recipe. I've made cheesecakes before, but always found that the bake time took longer than expected. This recipe had us baking for 15 minutes at 500 degrees to start, then turning it back down to 200 for an hour. We got to watch as the cheesecake rose above the rim of the springform pan, and then sink back down as the cheesecake cooled. It turned out golden brown on top, and perfectly baked throughout. 

We simplified the topping to simply heating up some maple syrup and chopping some walnuts.

As always we ended our Christmas celebrations with a viewing of our favorite goofy performance art: a clip from a 1969 episode of Captain Kangaroo - The Banana Man. It is very important that you make this part of your holiday tradition as well. 

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