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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Cabbage-Apple-Raisin Slaw

We had half a head of cabbage in the refrigerator left from when we made some coleslaw last month. I really wanted to use it before it went bad, and noticed that we also had two apples, so I went to and did an ingredient search for apples and cabbage. There was a fair number of recipes for slaw, so I read a few of them and then, improvising with other ingredients I had at home, I came up with the following:

I chopped most what was left of the cabbage (I didn't do all of it simply because of the sheer volume of it all), and chopped up the two apples and put them in large mixing bowl. Next, I used my immersion blender to mix a dollop of sour cream; two dollops of plain yogurt; about 2 T of honey; the juice of half a lemon; and one T of cinnamon until it was all well blended and smooth. I added the mixture to the cabbage and apple, added some raisins and stirred well. I let it chill overnight. We had some with lunch today. It turned out quite good.

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