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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Feast from the Farm box

We picked up our weekly bounty from Colchester Neighborhood Farm on Tuesday, and immediately began to consider what we could have for dinner that would use some of the things we received. The squash was ultimately what inspired us to make an omelet (that plus the fact that we had also purchased some farm-fresh eggs). I started with chopping and sauteeing an onion in my six-inch indispensable cast-iron skillet, then adding the squash, which I had cut into slices. I sauteed a few minutes more, and then added six eggs with deep yellow yolks (we are told the rich color comes from the fact that the hens are fed weeds). I covered the skillet and turned down the heat for six minutes, then removed the cover and added pepper and a pinch homemade garlic salt (a bag of which came in our first farm box pick up a few weeks ago, but which we had not yet used). I topped with feta cheese then put the omelet under the broiler for two minutes until the top was no longer runny. I folded the omelet in half and served. So tasty.  Even though this recipe isn't really "nueva" for us, the omelet tasted so exceptionally good with the farm fresh ingredients I had to share it on the blog.

Garlic Salt

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