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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Marinated Turkey Blobs

Late last year we started having our milk delivered (yes, you can still do that!). With our first order we received a bunch of welcome gifts including a package of "turkey tips" which had been in the freezer for about six weeks. Last night I decided it was time to cook them, and found this recipe for marinade from which I modified a bit. I poured olive oil, Worsichire Sauce, and lemon juice, into a bowl, and to that mixture I added some garlic rabe (frozen from my CSA over the summer), some dried basil, black pepper, and brown sugar, then ground up about 1/2 a dozen cloves. I opened the package of turkey expecting to find small chunks of turkey, but instead there were two big hunks (blobs). It still worked out fine to marinade the blobs, which I did for about 2 hours. After which, I poured everything into my indespensible cast iron skillet and covered to cook for about 20-25 minutes (turning the turkey occassionally). The turkey was cooked through perfectly, and the marinade carmelized making a tangy/sweet sauce.We enjoyed this with some steamed string beans (also frozen from our CSA over the summer) and homemade biscuits. The meal was perfectly paired with some rye homebrew.

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  1. For readers in our area, that dairy is, and it is fantastic!