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Monday, January 2, 2012

Easiest Cranberry Relish

For the start of the new year, we decided to clean up our cookbook shelf, and found a bunch of loose recipes and pamphlets shoved behind some other things. One of the things we discovered was a pamphlet of cranberry recipes. I had a pound of fresh, local cranberries on hand so I adapted the recipe I found for cranberry orange relish to fit the amount of cranberries I had. I put the rinsed cranberries in my blender and added 4 whole clementines. I wasn't sure whether to leave the rinds on or not, so I compromised and peeled two of them. I ground up the cranberries with the clementines and then moved the relish to a bowl, to which I added 3/4 c. sugar and mixed well. I chilled the relish for about two hours before serving as a side dish to our roast chicken and macaroni and cheese dinner. The relish was sweet and tangy, and a perfect addition to the New Year's Eve meal.

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  1. It was a hit all around. See a subsequent post for more on the cookbook cleanup!