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Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Sunday was May Day (aka Beltane) so we got out our Wicca cookbook to find a recipe to celebrate the day (which was not sunny and warm, but rather cloudy and cold). Since we hadn't really thought about it beforehand. and we were (are) still catching up on posting some recipes from the week before last I picked the only recipe I could make without doing any further shopping Beltane Oatcake. Yes, rather boring and bland, and it took way longer than the recipe said as we only had steel cut oats, rather than the rolled oats called for. The recipe says that each guest should throw a piece of cake into a bonfire that should be kept going all night as part of the ritual. Writing this post I realized the recipe never actually said to eat the cake (which we did). The only flavoring came from a bit of salt and sage, so we added some honey to make it palatable. Next year we'll plan ahead.

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