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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sublime Eggs

Spring has sprung, and the chickens are laying, and so we wound up with a lot of eggs this week. I could have gone with a favorite quiche or frittata, but decided to find out what the New York Times cooking page suggested. I had sent James to the grocery earlier in the day with a list that included "yogurt, plain and fancy" so when I saw this recipe for eggs with yogurt I knew I'd made my match. When I returned home from work I found the familiar blue and white yogurt container in the refrigerator, but something seemed different. Why was there a flower on the lid. Was that a vanilla flower? Yep. When will Stonyfield ever learn?! This is not the first time we've made this mistake. When James came home a few minutes later he found me in the living room with Deborah Madison trying to find another egg recipe. When he discovered the error of his ways he chivalrously offered to make another grocery store run to procure the proper provisions.

Once I had all the right ingredients I followed the recipe without deviation. This was devine! Creamy with a kick, and it made for a lovely presentation as well. We will definitely have this one again.

Beautiful as well as tasty!

This "gentle oak spice" Chardonnay brought out the spicy notes in the dish. It was almost like drinking champagne.

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