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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Scallops with Cream and Basil

This simple yet divine dish from the New York Times Cooking page is sure to be added to our regular line up. I actually made this well over a week ago, but just haven't gotten around to writing the blog post about it.

Living near the ocean we made a decision some years ago that any time we wanted seafood we would get it fresh (the exception to this rule is that we always keep canned tuna on hand for quick, simple salads). The scallops came from our favorite fishmonger Kyler's Catch Seafood Market.  I followed the recipe as written with one exception which was skipping the part that says to cool the pan and wipe it out after browning the scallops and before cooking the rest of the ingredients in the same pan, it seemed unnecessary since the scallops were going to go back into the pan at the end anyway. Clearly this was the right choice since this was delicious.

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