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Saturday, March 12, 2011

I am not afraid

I selected Crisp Potato Balls, or Perkedel, an Indonesian recipe from the Extending the Table cookbook for Friday's dinner. It looked simple enough. The written recipe is only about 2 inches long. I think that might have been what made James so nervous about it. He didn't think it had enough detail in the instructions, which are basically to make some mashed potatoes, and add cooked ground beef (we substituted ground turkey) with onions, 2 beaten eggs, and leeks. (We had no onion or leeks, so we used garlic and mushrooms). Form the mixture into balls and deep fry. James could not figure out how we were supposed to make balls out of ingredients that were already cooked. I assured him I was up for the task. It really wasn't hard. Since I intended to pan fry them, I really should have made them more like pancakes though. Mostly we ended up with a crumble of all of the ingredients. It tasted good though. James and I both had second helpings. This one falls squarely in the "comfort food category." I heated up the leftovers with some rice for lunch today.

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  1. A strange but very tasty little meal. It would probably work with soy crumble as well. I was wrong to be afraid, but I was right about one thing: the cooked meat and raw eggs could not be formed into a ball. A pancake, though? Sure.